Norwichstopwar3We believe the war on terrorism is a further threat to world peace. We therefore:

  • Demand an immediate Israeli withdrawal from the Occupied territories and an end to the violence.
  • Support peace initiatives which recognise the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians to live in security and dignity.
  • Call on parties to abandon the idea of war on Iraq.
  • Call on our representatives in Parliament, Europe and the UN to seek just and peaceful solutions to conflict.

Launch supporters and affiliates:

  • Norwich Stop the War Coalition
  • Norwich and District Peace council
  • Norwich Quakers
  • Norwich Labour against the War
  • Norwich Socialist Alliance
  • Norwich Support Group for Palestine
  • Norwich APEX GMB
  • Norwich City College NATFHE
  • Norwich Landmines Action Group
  • Norwich Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
  • Women in Black
  • Norwich Socialist Workers Party
  • North Norfolk Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Andrew Tyler(Chair of Churches Together in Greater Norwich)
  • Angie Zelter (peace and environmental campaigner) Dr. Claire Goodess, David Van Edwards, Ted Fowler and Asher Snaith.
  • Theatre of War

We encourage other organisations and individuals in the region to join and/or add their name to this list by sending a message of support to Norwich Stop the War Coalition or mailing it to NSTWC,  42-46 Bethel Street, Norwich NR2 1NR. The list will be updated and displayed on the website and brought to the attention of the region`s politicians. We appreciate any donation and help in delivering our campaign.

The national Stop the War Coalition was formed on September 21st, 2001 at a public meeting of over 2,000 people in London. The Coalition is campaigning under the following slogans:

Stop the War – No to Racism – Defend Civil Liberties

Member of the National Stop the War Coalition