Why Britain Needs a New Foreign Policy


The recent successful public meeting “Why Britain needs a new anti-war foreign policy” showed that more people want to get involved in our work.

Our original follow-up meeting was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. We shall now be meeting on:-

Wednesday 11th April  at 6.30pm
Friends Meeting House

Upper Goat Lane, Norwich NR2 1EW

This will enable us to discuss future plans and activities in which you can get involved.

Clearly the world is becoming a more dangerous place. Recent Western military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria have been disastrous, leading to the deaths of over a million people, the displacement of millions more, and increased violence at home and abroad.

The wars pursued by our governments have been opposed by the majority of the population who want to see a change in foreign policy.

We believe that Britain needs a new, independent, foreign policy based on co-operation and diplomacy. Such a policy would end the waste of billions of pounds that would be better spent on welfare, education, affordable safe housing and the NHS.

Join us at this meeting and discuss how we can play our part in stopping wars and building a better society.

Member of the National Stop the War Coalition