No to Trump and War

All welcome

Tuesday 26 June  – 7pm
Friends Meeting House
Upper Goat Lane
Norwich NR2 1EW

  • JOHN REES –  Stop the War Officer,
  • MAYA EVANS –Voices for Creative  Non-Violence


    A major contribution to a more dangerous world has been the election of Donald Trump on a minority vote (Hilary Clinton won 4 million more votes). His on/off visit to Britain is now scheduled for Friday 13th July.

    Since taking office

  • has caused a frightening stand-off with nuclear-armed North Korea
  • has bombed Syria, already the most bombed place on earth. It is  a dangerous place because of the involvement of Russia, which like the US is also a nuclear armed state.
  • has tweeted that the US “must greatly expand its nuclear capability” – after all it only has 7,300 nuclear warheads!
  • has introduced a ban on Muslims from seven named countries from travelling to the US.
  • is building a wall to keep migrants out
  • His support for Israeli PM Netanyahu has done much damage to peace and justice in the Middle East. Thousands of innocent Palestinians are suffering right now in Gaza. The death toll  has risen to over 100. 14th May has been described as the “deadliest day in recent history” for Gaza, where thousands of people have been left wounded, stranded and desperately in need. Maya Evans,  is one of the main campaigners in the group ‘Voices for Creative Non-Violence UK’ focusing on the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, where Trump has announced an expansion of US military intervention in a never ending war.

    John Rees, is a strong voice calling for a new foreign policy and an end to the so-called special relationship with Trump’s America.

Member of the National Stop the War Coalition