Back from the brink

        Back from the brink

Joint Public meeting called by CND & Stop the War Coalition

All welcome

Guest Speakers:

  • Ian Chamberlain, National Officer, Stop the War Coalition, & Press Officer CND
  • Adrian Holmes (Green Party)
  • Ra Mason (lecturer in International Relations  and Japanese  Foreign Policy

Wednesday 25th October, 7pm

Friends Meeting House

Upper Goat Lane, Norwich NR2 1EW               phone Nick 07717 504210                                   Frank 01493 664499

Trump’s UN Speech: Raising the Stakes of International Conflict

Lindsey German, Stop War Convenor: Trump’s latest speech heralds an absolute determination to continue with aggressive US intervention

The Trump speech to the United Nations  marks a new low even for this president. Fixing on North Korea, whose president he derided as ‘rocket man’, he claimed that the US would have no choice but to destroy the country to ‘defend itself’. Apparently this brought gasps from those politicians and diplomats unfortunate enough to have to listen to this speech. When the tension between the US and North Korea is already at intense levels over nuclear testing on one hand and the siting of US troops and missiles on the other, Trump’s speech is designed to ratchet these up even further.

Join us to discuss how to stop the stampede to war.

Member of the National Stop the War Coalition