Stop Arming Saudi Arabia



SyriaMonths after an airstrike on a neighbourhood in Sana’a, more than a hundred buildings still remained in rubble. Photo: Wikimedia

Friends Meeting House. Upper Goat Lane, Norwich

Wednesday 15TH June, 7pm

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Vice Chair, National Stop the War Coalition

The British government claims it will not tolerate indiscriminate violence committed by extremists. How then to explain the deafening silence from those same voices on the situation in Yemen? There Saudi Arabia, a regime that fits the definition of “extremist” if the term has any serious meaning, is leading a brutal military operation in which UK-supplied aircraft, bombs and missiles are playing a major role.

Amidst the instability, it is the bombs that have had the greatest toll. According to Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the UN high commissioner for human rights, “the [Saudi­-led] Coalition is responsible for twice as many civilian casualties as all other forces put together, virtually all as a result of airstrikes”. There has been little reprieve for Yemeni people. The Saudi military is trying to tell the world that it has only been targeting ‘legitimate military targets’ but, like in all wars, it is civilians that are paying the price.

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