Isis TalkA stunned survivor at the scene of an alleged (US) Coalition strike on the Sunni Waqf building in Mosul, September 27th 2015 (via NRN News), From Airwars monitors  civilian & “friendly fire” incidents in Iraq and Syria

Monday 11th April 2016 , 7pm
Friends Meeting House Upper Goat Lane,
Central Norwich
JUDITH ORR – National officer, Stop the War Coalition
MUHAMMAD AMIN – Representative of Chapelfield Mosque
FRANK STONE – Convenor, Norwich Stop the War Coalition

Syria is said to be the most bombed place on the planet. So far the hostilities in Syria have resulted in over half its population fleeing their homes. Out of a total population of 22.4 million there are 4 million refugees registered with the UN and around 7.6 million internally displaced persons. Over 250,000 people have been killed, including 116,000 children.*
Obviously there is a direct link between war and the surge in the number of refugees fleeing conflict areas. Is the British government’s policy of yet more bombing and  allowing few refugees in acceptable?
* figures published in the Huffington Post 31/10/15

Please attend this meeting and add your views to the discussion.

Member of the National Stop the War Coalition