Stop Bombing Syria


Bombing Syria sm

Saturday 22nd August 11am

Haymarket, Central Norwich

Stall, leaflets, petition, placards,

11.30 am Speakers


 We do not need more war

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Secretly and against the will of Parliament, Britain has been involved in bombing Syria. We demand an end to UK’s bombing of Syria and oppose any plans for further interventions

More info: phone Frank 01493 664499


 On 30 August 2013 the British Parliament voted against military intervention in Syria. Many MPs said they had learnt the lesson of voting for war in Iraq, which killed hundreds of thousands, and did not want to repeat that mistake. Prime Minister David Cameron said he “had got it” and would respect the democratic will of parliament.

Now, however, we discover that British military personnel have been taking part in American bombing in Syria, without any parliamentary authorisation. It is likely that when Parliament reassembles in September it will be asked to sanction the bombing of Syria.

 Considering the horrifying record of UK military interventions in the Middle East since 2001, it’s extraordinary that further military action is now being seriously considered in Syria. The UK – fighting alongside the US and other allies – has decimated Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, killing and wounding hundreds of thousands of people and leaving whole swathes of the Muslim world seething with hatred at the actions of the West.

 It is widely acknowledged that the US-UK invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the subsequent occupation, played a central role in the creation of IS. Retired US army general Mike Flynn, head of the defence intelligence agency until August 2014, told Al-Jazeera when asked about the invasion of Iraq and IS ‘We definitely put fuel on a fire. Absolutely’,

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