No to Trident

No to Trident in Austerity Britain


  • Say No to Trident
  • Ground the drones
  • End disastrous military interventions.

Guest Speakers:


 General Secretary, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament


Drone Wars UK

Public Meeting   All welcome

Tuesday 28th April 7.00pm Vauxhall Centre, Johnson Place, Vauxhall  Street, Norwich, NR2 1TF

£100 billion cost of Trident replacement

Political decisions on Britain’s relations with other countries, funding for weapons programmes like Trident and killer drones, and involvement in foreign conflicts and the arms trade have an impact on the lives of all of us. Importantly as the general election draws near, we should be examining our priorities. Health, education, housing and social services are all in need of extra funding necessary for a civilised world. We are told there is no money for these worthy services, but, for example, if Britain scrapped its nuclear weapons it could cancel tuition fees for four million students or could fund all A & E services in hospitals for forty years.

The majority of the British people are in favour of scrapping Trident and the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party are supportive. Do you know how the candidates in your constituency would vote? Now is the time to find out.

Drone Strikes and permanent war.

Chris Cole, whose organisation Drone Wars UK provides information and comment on the growing use of armed drones, recently wrote that the use of armed drones to launch lethal strikes around the globe is rapidly becoming normalised. Despite widespread ethical, political and legal misgivings and the danger to global peace and security from the precedent that such strikes set, US, British and Israeli drones carried out numerous strikes in the first few weeks of 2015.

Drones have become President Obama’s weapon of choice and means that many innocent people have died without any recourse to a justice system.

This will be an important and necessary meeting to examine these crucial issues and hold our would-be representatives to account

Member of the National Stop the War Coalition