Meeting: Stop Bombing Syria

Tuesday 20th October 7pm Vauxhall Centre, Johnson Place, Vauxhall Street, Norwich, NR2 2SA


JOHN REES – National Officer Stop the War Coalition

SHELLY ASQUITH – Vice President National Union of Students


Take Action

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Reasons to oppose bombing

The US and its allies, including Britain, are already bombing Isis in Syria and Iraq without significant effect. Isis is a violent and reactionary organisation but more bombing will only increase bitterness against the West

The “War on Terror” has brought nothing but blood and destruction to Afghanistan and Iraq and has destabilised the Middle East and large parts of Africa. The 2011 intervention in Libya dramatically increased the rate of killing and led to Islamist radicalisation. There is no reason to believe the result will be any different in Syria.

The West’s main allies, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are among the most authoritarian regimes in the region and have no interest in democracy in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia beheads more people than Isis and the two countries support Jihadi groups in Syria. If the West were really concerned about tackling terrorism, they would not be supplying weapons to these tyrannies.

Cameron shouldn’t be committing billions of pounds to a new war at a time when savage cuts in public services are being implemented. The extra billions should be spent on housing, schools, the NHS and jobs.

 Further military escalation will only lead to collateral damage. More deaths of innocent Syrian civilians will create more resentment potentially leading to more terrorism. The results too can be catastrophic for the whole region. As former UN secretary general Kofi Annan put it, “Syria is not Libya. It will explode beyond its boundaries.”

Member of the National Stop the War Coalition